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We’re eager to know how you and your newly adopted pet are getting along.
Complete some (or all) of the form and submit it to me at the bottom of the form.

Mari Lee Schwarzwalder, Executive Director

Pet Adopted: Dog Puppy Cat Kitten
Pet's Name:
Adopter's Name/s:
Adopter's Address:
City, State:
Adopter's Phone:
Adopter's Email:
Month/Year Adopted :
How is your new pet adjusting to you and his/her new home?
Were you able to take your new pet for its free Vet check
within 14 days of adoption?
Have you had any specific problems with your new pet, like housetraining, chewing, barking, walking on a leash or harness,
or running away?
If you have other pets, how have they adjusted to your new pet?
If you have children, how is your new pet getting
along with them?
Where does your new pet sleep?
How does your new dog get exercise?
As we all know, daily exercise is a major factor in having a well-adjusted and healthy dog or puppy.  For cats and kittens,
playtime and socialization are key factors.
Do you have any specific questions or comments
about your new pet?
Tell us a cute story or anecdote about your new pet.
Please send or email us a current photo of your new pet. We love to post or display photos of our Shelter Alumni Pets to show others what great pets we have and encourage people to adopt. 

Alumni Pets
Humane Association of Warren County
230 Cook Road, Lebanon, OH 45036.

EMAIL PHOTOS to: pets@homelesspets.org

Just a reminder that it is the law in Ohio
to have your dog’s license tag displayed at all times
whenever out of the house. 
Yes, I would like someone from the Shelter to call or email me about my newly adopted pet.

Please help us spread the word that
Shelter Pets Are Best!

Let us know
how you’re getting along!





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